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Unlocking Data for Managers

Do you ever feel there is more information in your software than what you can access? Having the ability to access the information you need, when you need it, is a critical component in finding problems, making decisions and improving your company’s processes. Contractors store most of this information in a variety of systems including accounting, job costing, project management, CRM and estimating. This extensive, hands-on, specific to your software and tailored-to-your-needs workshop provides the tools to unlock data that goes well beyond the basics. Topics include database management, database system structures, structured query language (SQL), data sorting (tables, filters and queries), database functions, analysis and reporting using Excel.

This highly-customized workshop is divided into 10 separate, 2-hour sessions that build on each other, with an additional 2 to 4 hours of homework per attendee per class. While Unlocking Data for Managers is primarily designed for managers who have strong knowledge of business processes and have reasonable Excel experience, this class is also valuable for IT professionals.

Gain a deeper understanding of your data software and learn the tools to unlock your data so that you can turn it into meaningful, useful information.

Workshop Highlights

  • New Excel abilities for grouping, totaling and analyzing data
  • Methods for finding problem areas, known as “Exceptions”
  • Building your company’s business logic and processes into your reports/analysis tools
  • Reducing the time and manual effort it requires to generate reports
  • Directly querying all of your data from the source database
  • Sorting and summarizing your data into useful groups of information
  • Analyzing and reporting data efficiently

Learn to query your data directly, solve existing issues, and get more from your database software in this intense, hands-on and detailed workshop. Software modules of this class include Spectrum, Viewpoint, MasterBuilder, Maxwell, Jonas, Foundation, Coins, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (Timberline), as well as other industry software. Unlocking Data for Managers will provide you with the necessary tools and understanding to access the information you need, when you need it.


The technical requirements will be worked out with your IT Manager ahead of time. It is recommended that the IT Manager be readily available during the first session to work out any technical or security issues that may come up.

  • SQL Server Client Tools (Management Studio) installed
  • DBM Excel Tools Installed
  • Security permissions configured on database
  • Additional requirements if accounting system is not SQL Server based
    • SQL Express installed on server
    • DBM Sync installed on server

Who should attend?

Unlocking Data for Managers is primarily designed for managers who have strong knowledge of business processes and have reasonable Excel experience, however, this class is also valuable for IT professionals or other Personnel who meet the prerequisites and require a deeper understanding of how to access their data.

Workshop attendees will need: 

  • Reasonable Excel Knowledge
  • Working knowledge of their construction accounting software
  • Appropriate time reserved for classes and homework
No webinars currently scheduled.
No additional logins available for this class.

Individually scheduled and privately held classes.

PLEASE NOTE: If you use TIMBERLINE, this requires our database integration tools. There will be a $1000 fee for executing the integration included in the pricing.

CANCELLATIONS / RESCHEDULING: All purchases of workshops and classes are final. However, we understand that emergencies happen, scheduling conflicts arise in the construction industry from time-to-time and, on occasion, the technology used for web conferences simply does not cooperate. Within reason, and at our discretion, we will accommodate your rescheduling request if there is an opening available for your preferred date. For certain classes and workshops there is limited future availability; in this case, we can offer you a different workshop topic or provide a credit toward a private workshop. For all rescheduling requests, contact us at (916) 912-4200.