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Succession Planning at All Levels for Contractors

The fluctuating environment of the construction industry demands a well thought-out succession plan in order to ensure your business’s continued vitality. This workshop, presented in panel discussion format, offers an in-depth view of succession planning using the industry’s best standards and methods. Topics include: conception and development of a viable succession plan; recognizing potential issues; attracting, training and retaining great talent; preparing your company’s future leaders well in advance, and identifying the key roles where succession planning needs to be an owner-level concern.

This 75 minute workshop is designed for Owners and Executives and any other team member involved in the business and strategic development process of your company. While this topic is heavily geared toward owners, this class is also valuable for personnel in leadership and financial management positions who are (or will be) involved in the company’s growth and viability.

Align your team with the best succession planning practices and tools. This class is a discussion format, with plenty of time for questions from the audience.

Workshop Highlights

  • Conceiving of and developing a viable succession plan that is individual for your business’s needs
  • Identifying and continually assessing the owner’s goals and why this is of critical importance
  • Learning methods to help ease the myriad stresses that succession can and will cause
  • Understanding where the construction industry is headed and how to strategically use this information to your benefit in your succession plan
  • Determining what your business is worth, internally and externally, by utilizing a variety of valuation methods 
  • Defining realistic timeline goals for talent and financing
  • Assessing possible financial issues that might arise before, during and after a succession

If your construction company does not have an up-to-date succession plan in place, it should. Developing such a plan, however, can be taxing and emotionally draining on everyone involved. When faced with the process of changing out your business’s leadership, knowing what the goals, potential pitfalls, financial landscape, and the overall future vision for your company is essential. Succession Planning at All Levels will give you the tools and information you need to help ensure that your company remains viable and strong through succession and into the future.


This class is designed for Owners and Executives and any other Personnel involved in the long-term business and strategic development of your company, including leadership personnel and those tasked with financial management and overall growth.

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