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Peer Groups

How much would you gain by being able to talk candidly to a group of non-competing executives in similar businesses?

Peer Groups

Peer groups are one of the most effective tools that Contractors can use to grow their businesses.  Peer groups give you the advantage of seeing first hand how a similar but non-competing group of Contractors run their businesses. 

The best peer groups whether facilitated or not all have similar traits. 

  • The goals of member Contractors are generally aligned and are well communicated / documented. 
  • Meetings have structure and occur on a regular basis; at least twice annually. 
  • Members execute well; action items from each meeting are completed.
  • New ideas are regularly brought into the meetings whether from outsiders, books or specific presentations by member Contractors. 
  • Key members of each Contractor’s management team are included in the process on a regular basis. 

With our team’s deep experience in various aspects of the construction industry we offer several solutions related to peer groups. 

  • Special Topic Training / Facilitations
  • Tactical Peer Groups
    • Business Development
    • Field Productivity Improvement
    • Project Management Processes
    • Financial Process Improvement
  • Emerging Contractor Peer Groups
  • Local Growth Groups