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Management Advisory

Do you ever wish you had help refining and prioritizing your ideas with an outsider’s perspective?

Management Advisory

Our advisory services are the most effective way D. Brown Management can help your business grow.  We work hands-on with a very select portfolio of Contractors across the country delivering consistent improvements.  Our advisory consultants work in partnership with your team to grow the business profitably over time based on a jointly developed roadmap. 

We spend significant resources vetting potential advisory clients to ensure that there will be a good fit.  This vetting process ensures that goals from all parties will be achieved. 

Our portfolio of advisory clients has generally outperformed their competition and the construction market as a whole. 



Advisory clients receive a number of premium benefits including:

  • Access to anyone on the D. Brown Management team beyond the immediate team assigned to the account. 
  • Always get our resources prioritized ahead of non-advisory clients.
  • Always have access to our best technology, training and assessment tools that are not available to non-advisory clients.
  • Access to any of our workshops free of additional fees.
  • Access to many of our standardized tools free of additional fees.

When we engage with an advisory client we start by ensuring that there is alignment with our Operating Philosophies.  Then we work together with the potential client to jointly develop a roadmap, which is typically the result of one or more structured Assessments.  The roadmap is typically organized around one or more of our Practice Areas and may include Agile Development and / or Special Projects.