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Refining your Estimating Processes to be scalable, efficient and accurate is one of the key things Contractors can do to improve profitability.

Review your Estimating Processes from initial project tracking through turnover to operations.  Our “High Involvement” approach to this assessment ensures that major areas of improvement are identified and the entire team including Business Development, Estimating, Purchasing, Operations, Design, Accounting and Management are aligned.    

Each Assessment is tailored to fit your specific requirements and covers 25+ processes that impact estimating. 

  • Project tracking
  • Prequalification with potential customer(s)
  • Estimating software
  • Estimating database and maintenance
  • Take-off tools, efficiency and accuracy
  • BIM integration (if applicable)
  • Interaction with design team (if design-build)
  • Commodity pricing updates
  • Vendor / Subcontractor quotes
  • Vendor / Subcontractor prequalification
  • Indirect & overhead recovery
  • Bid reviews
  • Scope letter
  • Standard clarifications and exclusions
  • Markup strategy (getting to the “Sell Price”)
  • Proposal design
  • Presentation to the potential customer(s)
  • Follow-up and negotiation processes
  • Contract review and execution
  • Budget development
  • Turnover to operations