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Business Development

Business Development

Nothing will change your business more than having a strong pipeline of great projects coming into estimating.  Construction is a unique type of business but many of the strategies, tactics and metrics common in other industries can be leveraged to dramatically improve business development for Contractors. 

Our business development assessment reviews 20+ processes and provides insight on what other Contractors are doing.  The assessment includes reviews of:

  • Alignment of your core competencies and experiences with your marketing strategy
  • Understanding the potential of your market(s) and what adjacent markets you could compete in
  • Looking at your business from your customer’s viewpoint
  • Marketing collateral that speaks to customer needs in each market and highlights your core competencies
  • Outreach campaigns and events
  • Relationship building and work acquisitions stages so that you can effectively measure results
  • Business development responsibilities by team member / role
  • Tools used to track relationships, opportunities and bids
  • Contractor pre-qualification
  • Proposals and scope letters
  • Negotiations