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Tool Customization

Tool Customization

Our Technology Group has been building tools for Contractors addressing gaps in construction software since 2005.  These tools have been used by our Advisory Clients to help them streamline their businesses.  Some of these tools have been made available to non-advisory clients through DBM Tools, which will be launching in 2014.

While these tools all help streamline a contracting business, there are times when it makes more sense to tailor the tools specific to your business.       

  • Integrate the tools fully with your construction software (Spectrum, Timberline, Viewpoint, ComputerEase, Foundation, etc.)
  • Add in business logic specific to your business (Projections, Earned Revenue, Forecasting, etc.)
  • Tailor exceptions and workflow routing to keep business processes on-track. 
  • Integrate with the cloud to distribute information anywhere.