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Work Acquisition
Market Strategy

What types of projects are the most profitable for your business and are in growing markets?

Market Strategy

A contractor must have a clearly-defined strategy for identifying and pursuing their most profitable market(s) to establish a solid foundation of a Work Acquisition process.

The question is: Where can your company be the most competitive?

The answer may seem simple, but the best markets aren’t always the obvious ones and can even vary widely between seemingly-similar Contractors within the same area.   

We use the following five-point analysis to help our clients identify their most profitable market(s): 

  1. Inventory of Contractor’s Core Competencies
  2. Analysis of Adjacent Competencies
  3. Assessment of Geographical Market Area(s)
  4. Review Building Trends for Growing Markets
  5. Gather Customer Feedback   

Once our analysis is done and you have a better understanding of where your company can be the most competitive, we will work with you to establish measurable business development strategies for pursuing your most profitable projects.