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Work Acquisition

How much would your business change if you had 50% more quality (profitable) work coming into estimating?

Work Acquisition

We offer a number of Work Acquisition services and tools to help you improve and refine your entire Work Acquisition process, from identifying your most effective markets, honing in on your business development efforts, to streamlining your estimating process.  Nothing will have a more positive impact on a contractor’s business than having a strong pipeline of quality work coming in.

Like factories, construction Contractors are most profitable when they are running right at capacity.  Our approach is to first push work acquisition to the point where other areas of the business, such as operations, finance, technology and talent, are stretched to their upper limits.

Next, we shift our focus to these other business areas, looking for ways to increase efficiencies so that a reasonable amount of additional capacity becomes available. Once this is accomplished, we begin the next work acquisition growth cycle.

While each client engagement is specifically tailored to the contractor’s currents needs, our Work Acquisition services and tools encompass the following, three-part approach: