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Software Selection
Software Selection Steps

Do you have a solid software selection process?

Software Selection Steps

If you have made the decision that software is the best investment you can make then your focus should shift to identifying the right solution.  When selecting software consider that you should be making a decision on infrastructure you will use for at least the next 7-10 years. 

  1. Clearly identify all the steps in your critical processes that are specific to the type(s) of work you currently do and what you plan to do in the next 5 years. 
  2. Streamline your critical processes identifying current state and future desired state before starting the software selection process. 
  3. Create a detailed checklist by function (typically module in software terms) that will ensure that you consistently evaluate different solutions.  Consider that each software sales team will focus on demonstrating their strengths.  Your job is to identify whether the software will meet your business needs.
  4. Do thorough reference checks on the software before making a selection asking to speak to at least 3 like-kind Contractors.  Talk to 3rd parties about their opinions and ask members of various message boards their opinions; CFMA has a great forum for this.
  5. Look at the software company thoroughly including their longevity and management.  You are making a long-term decision and the last thing you want is for there to be a massive management change or purchase of the company that would cause your new software to be discontinued. 

We have deep experience with many industry software packages.  Leverage our experience helping you make the best decision for your company.  We have proven processes, templates and tools designed to address each of these major steps.