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Software Implementation

Are you satisfied with how well you are using your current software?

Software Implementation

Properly implemented software integrates with your other systems, enforces your business processes and provides succinct management information for better decision making. 

Software implementation should be approached in 3 major phases:

  • Planning:  Ensuring that existing data will migrate accurately, identification of major potential issues and tested solutions. 
  • Conversion:  Achieving key functionality required to operate the business (example - payroll, billings, payments, financial reporting) including basic training. 
  • Implementation:  Integrating the software with your other systems, thoroughly integrating it into your business processes including exception and management reporting.  This stage includes additional training and process documentation. 

Too many Contractors get too little value out of their software because 90% of their efforts were focused on the “purchasing” and “conversion” stages. 

Leverage our industry experience, tools, training programs and relationships to help you maximize your software investment.