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Competency Modeling

How much better would your talent development be if you had a common foundation for hiring, reviews and training?

Competency Modeling

Detailing the competencies required for success in a role creates the foundation for interviews, reviews and training.  While this may seem like a relatively simple task, it is one of the most difficult and time consuming aspects of talent management. 

Consider that when you truly break down most roles there are 50+ specific competencies.  It is how someone performs on each of these that really determine if they are average, good or great at their job.

It is only by breaking the competencies down to this level of detail that you can design proper interview questions and testing when hiring.  This level of detail will also help you when it comes to performance reviews, career planning and training for your existing team.

These competencies are different for every role and are tailored to every company.  You can try starting with a competency list for another role or even from another company, and you will soon find that you can not simply put it into use. 

Leverage our experience and tools to help you build clear competency models for the key roles in your organization.