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Strategic & Tactical Planning
Elements of Effective Strategic and Tactical Planning

Do you feel like the weight of all planning and execution to improve the business falls on just one or two people?

Elements of Effective Strategic and Tactical Planning

With each contractor we tailor the strategic and tactical planning process based on their people, stage of organizational development and integrate the planning process with their operating rhythms.  Regardless of how each contractor’s program is tailored, our approach always includes the following elements:

  • High Involvement:  A structured multi-tier communication process aligns most people in the organization from the key management through key support, field personnel and all management in-between.  
  • Tactically Focused:  Most effort is focused on the next 3-5 years with heavy focus on the next year and 90 day action plans.   
  • Market Strategy:  Constantly evaluating the best project type(s), geography(s) and customer profiles is one of the most important things any contractor can do to ensure long-term profitability. 
  • Talent:  Without the right talent in place and organized properly no plan will fully succeed.  The talent required to execute the plan is a constant part of the process. 
  • Measurements:  The ultimate measure of success with the planning process is whether it has a positive impact on the bottom-line.  Most planning objectives and action items are tied to clear measurements. 
  • Regular Follow-Up:  Short meetings are scheduled on a quarterly basis to address special planning topics, review prior 90 day action items and set goals for the following 90 days.