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Helping Contractors Grow Profitably


How much more competitive would you be if you could shave 10% off of the total cost of your commodity purchases?


Contractors can mitigate risk, save money and build a competitive advantage utilizing best-in-class procurement practices from getting quotes for competitive bids, to buyout on a project, to daily “counter purchases”.

We take a broader look at the entire procurement process starting at the estimating stage through the time the materials are in the hands of the crafts person doing the final installation.  We understand that every contractor’s needs are different and require a tailored approach.  We use a rigorous assessment process to both quantify the improvements as well as prioritize the improvements. 

We provide advisory services, tools and training programs that address all aspects of procurement including:

  • Subcontractor prequalification
  • Subcontract and Purchase Order terms
  • Negotiation points and tactics
  • Master pricing agreements
  • Common database for Estimating, Purchasing, Service and T&M Billing
  • EDI links with key vendors for streamlined pricing updates and billing
  • Counter purchases for Service and Special Projects
  • Inventory management
  • Approval process at the purchasing and invoice level
  • Material receiving and verification
  • Material logistics from requisition through installation
  • Software systems and tailoring