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Market Area Segmentation

Does your financial reporting mirror your organizational structure and market strategy?

Market Area Segmentation

Aligning the markets you serve with your organizational structure and your financials will dramatically improve your profitability and the quality of your management team.

Like the WIP we consider this a key process and not simply a reporting function.  Truly getting this alignment working is much more difficult than it seems. He help Contractors work through the myriad of challenges to improve every aspect of the company and the team.   



The information generated through a properly segmented financial system can drive multiple processes including:

  • Better business planning and forecasting
  • Changes to market strategy focusing on higher growth areas of the business with the best cash flow
  • Factoring financial performance into performance reviews
  • Driving a part of incentive compensation based on team performance aligning motivations with business planning
  • Improved resource allocation

We have deep experience working with Contractors and various accounting systems segmenting their financial systems to align with their market strategies.