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Aligning Business Development, Design, Fabrication, Estimating, Operations, and Financial processes provides the foundation for a Contractor to grow profitably.

Working with D. Brown Management is like having a team of very well-rounded executives working closely with you to solve a variety of business problems.

Construction is a complex business requiring a wide range of talented people in different roles to take a project through design, bidding and construction.  Each of these different disciplines has their own set of technology and processes they use to do their jobs. 

As businesses grow the technology and processes often morph to make specific parts of the organization more efficient, but don’t necessarily make the overall business more efficient.  

Our Integrated Systems Assessment takes a holistic look at the entire business from an experienced third party perspective.  The goal is to identify the biggest opportunities to improve processes across the whole company and better integrate them with technology where applicable.

Assessment Overview

Kick-Off Meeting

In this first meeting, the basics of your business, team dynamics, areas of concern and expectations from all parties are discussed with key team members.

Document Review

We conduct an in-depth analysis of 35+ standard reports, forms, documents and processes from your company

Hands-On Process Review Meetings

Four highly interactive meetings with your team will bring streamlining opportunities to the surface and help create a clear roadmap for improvement.

Roadmap with Follow-Up

You will receive a detailed report summarizing your current status by process, how you rank against other similar companies, and immediate next step action items for improvement. Your team will also have access to a tool for tracking progress on these action items.

After you receive your report, we will conduct a final review meeting and a 30-day follow-up to check your progress.

  • Increase profit margins with the same amount of revenue while lowering risk

  • Eliminate redundancy between all departments

  • Learn how to increase your capture rate for projects estimated

  • Minimize risk through better change order management

  • Increase margins through better procurement and equipment management

  • Receive a roadmap with a 90 Day Action Plan