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Would consulting be right for you?

Would Consulting Be Right For You?

Consulting can be one of the most rewarding steps in your career for the right person at the right time.  At D. Brown Management we are operational consultants and take a very hands-on approach.  The items laid out below reflect what is required within our team but are similar to many other consulting firms.          

  • Are you smart?
  • Do you have experience that would benefit the construction industry more widely if it could be shared? 
  • Have you already had a series of successes in your life and your career?
  • Do you have an absolute burning desire to win at whatever you are doing?
  • Do you thrive in new situations where you have to quickly assess, organize, plan then articulate a clear course of action?
  • Do you have natural leadership abilities that have been developed throughout your career?
  • Are you a good manager of yourself and your team regularly creating action items, budgets, timelines and following-up?
  • Are you good at solving complex problems that you have never come across before?
  • Do you easily see multiple solutions to the same problem and different sides of an issue?
  • Have you developed a broad network throughout your career that you can call on to help you solve any number of problems?
  • Do you effectively bring people together by building consensus? 
  • Do you have great research capabilities to find people, information and tools that can help you solve problems? 
  • Do you enjoy developing the people on your team and do you do a much better job at it than most? 
  • Regardless of your core discipline are you cross-trained to be effective in a variety of different roles in the business? 
  • Do you have the mental stamina to stay focused for very long periods of time even with distractions going on? 
  • Do you have the physical stamina to handle what can sometimes be a brutal schedule? 
  • Do you have the management maturity to see complex strategies executed across an organization over a long period of time without losing interest? 
  • Do you absolutely love learning new things constantly? 
  • Would you love working on a team where everyone shared these similar traits?  

This is not nearly a complete list and no one is 100% perfect at all of these items.  It does however provide some food for thought as to whether consulting might be the right next step for your career. 

If you are thinking about consulting as a potential option for your career please schedule some time to talk with one of our Senior Consultants.  Our team has come from a variety of different backgrounds and any of us would be happy to talk candidly with you about both the challenges and rewards of moving into consulting.